Dollars-Ad, LLC, Tempe, AZ 85281. of Dollars-Ad, LLC, was founded in light of numerous adverse concerns of other sites. This site addresses those adverses in a better way.

We offer a site which is:

  • Safer
  • More Secure
  • Trustworthy
  • Limits Spam
  • Unlimited, fast posting
  • New IP Categories: JV, Patents, Inventions, Trademarks/Names, Copyrights, Businesses For Sale.

The site resolves an existing problem concerning Intellectual properties. There is a need for a method to introduce Intellectual properties (IP'S), and to make them available to potential buyers and partners. Currently that is extremely difficult, and almost impossible. enables owners of Intellectual properties (IP) (e.g. Patents, Inventions, Copyright, Tradenames, and Trademarks) to introduce the IP's to the industry, to potential buyers and partners, many of which are entrepreneur.

Therefore, provides special categories for IP, to enable both sides to advertise, expose, and to search for opportunities.

More specifically, provides a mean to classified ads at the nation's lowest costs, providing variety of categories, and simultaneous posting in different areas. The general area of business includes businesses for sale, so that seller and buyer of businesses can meet each other and do business.

For the list of all categories please refer to the home page.

The site was founded by Joseph Tsiyoni, Arizona entrepreneur, inventor and businessman who wishes to make the site available to many individuals and entities that otherwise may not have such opportunity.

It also enables people to buy and sells goods and services in a safer way, whereby all sellers and buyers are registered. Sellers are registered with business cards, as "Registered Seller". Buyer or visitors must be register with credit card (Registered), or without credit cards (Semi Registered Responder). Such registrations increase trust, safety and reliability.


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