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Q1.Why Should I Participate In This Site

A. More trustful site; More credible, Safer

B. Registration with business card and physical address makes all feel more comfortable.

C. Each posting will bear the note “Registered Advertiser”.

D. You can post ads in several locations and categories at the same time.

E. New categories such as business interests, patents intellectual property, joint venture.

F. Responders must register, partially or completely. If partially, emails of such responders will be marked as “Partially Registered Responder”. Emails from fully registered responders will bear the note “Registered Responder”.

G.Our sites reduces scams and adverse results, increasing security and confidence.

H.The sites prevents and/or or reduces unwelcomes emails containing sexual or other Adverse contents.

I.The site is safer because of the registration method.

J. The fee for all categories is only $1, in any area.

Q2.Registration and Changes

A.Advertisers and Responders

Advertisers must register with complete information, physical address, phone number,

credit card and other information.

Responders are encouraged to fully register with credit card info, but may not input credit

card info, as partial registered. In such case, any response of partial registered person will

be marked as “Partially Registered Responder”

B.Methods of registration:

Follow these steps:

Q3.NO REFUNDS: Why don’t you issue refunds?

First, you should not pre-pay for any ad if you are not sure you will use the fund. Then once you place an ad, there will be any refund for any reason. The costs of placing one ad does not justify refund expenses, and no reason would be accepted for refund. If you intend to post multi-ad over a short period of time, you may pre-purchased ad, but again, if you do not use the remaining fund, there will not any refund.

Dollars-Ad keeps the advertisement rate low. Dealing with refunds and credit expenses, follow- ups and/or sending check would increase the cost per ad significantly. It is not necessary to deal with refund because the user can select limited amount of money to use. For example, if you intend to post a few ads for sure, you may purchase 3 ads for $3, which limits the risk of losing. When you get more experience, you will be able to estimate the amount of money you may spend, and the remaining will be saved for you for 12 months. Finally, purchasing multi ads at a time will save you time and it is varying convenience.

Q4. Personal information:

During the registration process, we will request verification of your phone. Please follow these steps carefully:

i. Type the phone number CAREFULLY; after typing, you will receive an email with a cod….

To be completed later.

Q5.How to change password

1. Log in. Click on “Update Profile”

2. Type old password, and twice the new password

3. Log off, and log in again to test the new password.

Q5.How to change credit card

1. Log in. Click on “Update Credit Card”

2. Enter the information and proceed.

Q6. Forgot password

1.At home page: Click on ‘Forgot password”

2.Type your email and click on “Reset Password”.

3. You will see a message that an email is being sent to you. Open uyour email inbox, and

click on the link.

4.Proceed as necessary to enter a new password.

5.Log off, then log in to test the new password.

Q7. Respond to a posting (ad)

1.Do not provide personal information.

2. You must follow the rules specified in the “terms”, which you should read before you start

using the site.

3. When you send your respond, if you are not fully registered, a message will be posted on

the email to the advertisers that you are semi-registered.

4. If you are fully registered with a credit card, the message on your response will indicate a “registered Responder”.

5. The advertiser may respond to your offer. Be careful how you handle any purchasing. We strongly recommend that you follow the terms and the suggestion as how to handle transactions, and also use common sense.

Q8. How do I attach a photo

When you write the ad, below the text box, lick on the tab for searching for the photo on your computer. Then select a photo and double click on it.

Q9. Can I: VIEW EDIT REPOS REMOVE a post (Ad).

1.Yes, you may do that at any time, but you will not receive any refund. All amount paid for

any ad is nonrefundable. Under “My profile (Posting”) you an see all your posting.

2.Look under the specific post you need to change, edit, repost or remove.

3. Click on either: VIEW EDIT REPOS REMOVE, and proceed.

Q10. Can you remove my posting (ad)

Yes. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the rights to remove any ad at any time without any explanation, and without refund. However, we may do so when the ad violates any of the terms and condition.

Q11. Can you cancel my account

Yes. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the rights to close or terminate any account at any time without any explanation, and without refund. However, we may do so when person violates any of the terms and condition

Q12. Why my email response was rejected?

Because it violated the terms and conditions.

Q13. How do I find my ad

Log in and look under “My profile (Posting”) You will see your ad)s).

Q14. How do I receive money for my goods/services

That is completely between you and the other party. Please read the respective parts of the Terms and Condition. Any transaction is between the parties, and DALLC has nothing to do with it, is not and will not be involved. Therefore you must exercise caution before, during and at the closing of any transactions. Most importantly, be aware that people from anywhere may trick you into getting checks with larger amount, thereby asking you to pay the difference. Always ensure you know who the other party is, if it is registered, and ask the appropriate questions to be safe.

You are encouraged to search the internet to find out how to protect yourself against fraud and scams, which financial institutions are not recommended, how to make yourself safer, etc.

q15. What is “disapproved” ad

A “disapproved” ad is an ad which was posted in violation of one or more of the Terms and Conditions. At first, we may delete the ad without further comment, or we may remove it and post a message “Disapproved ad”. Thereafter we may close the advertiser account at any time without prior notice. In any of these events, there will be no refund of any kind.

Q16.How To Protect Myself Against Fraud, Scams And Viruses?

Please read all helpful information and helpful suggestions below as it is extremely important.

Also, please refer to Terms and Conditions, FAQ and other available internet sites and information.


At the appropriate time, contact any of the following, properly and respectively:

i.If necessary, call the local police department; Use its non-emergency phone you

can find in the phone book or on the internet


a.FTC: toll free number (hotline): 877-382-4357

b.FTC: online complaint: Complete a form in

iii.For Canadian residents, contact:PhoneBusters hotline: 888-495-8501

iv.In case of Internet Fraud: File complaint with Internet Fraud Complaint Center

B.LOG IN: Always log in to your account through Make sure you type the

exact URL! Scammers may use aery similar domain with one or more characters


C.Watch scammers using similar domain name, which may look like our site, but in fact is a scam, asking you your password and id just to steal your identification. For example, a domain may be different by one letter only, purposely, and that will take you, because of your type error, to a scam website to rip you off.

D.SENDING MONEY IN ANY WAY: Scammer may ask you to send money, wire, check, etc., or even using PayPal, just to defraud you, especially with request for advance payment. DO NOT ever respond to such offer, and do not ever send money in form of payment if you have not verified and satisfied that the request is legitimate and that you will get you goods without any problem. Do your research before you pay.

Same apply to any service offer, especially if the offerror is from out of state,For services, you can also check on the offerror via the internet, find the address and verify its legitimacy.

E.URL IN EMAILS: You may get email from a ‘friend”, whereby the email address is familiar, but scammer can send you email from an email address book of one of your friend. Remember that! In such email one thing that can hurt you is a URL.

URL can ‘take your computer down”. When you click on the wrong URL, you can lose everything in your computer. Therefore, use EXTREME caution whenever there is a URL in an email, and refrain from opening any URL, ever, unless you are 100% sure it is fine to do so. One option is to contact the sender in a different way, not by responding to the email, and verifying the email is real.

F.URL TO LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT: Be aware of emails asking you to “immediately correct your information, password, etc. Such email will provide you with a URL asking you to log in. If you do so, you will be subject to fraud. Read again the previous section about URL.

G.PHOTOS OR LINKS FOR PHOTOS OR VIDEOS: Similar to the email in case of URL, you may get “photos” or “Video” from “family” or “Friends”. NEVER CLICK ON ANY IMAGE, VIDEO, PHOTO, ETC. UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE.

Such images or video can ‘take your computer down”. When you click on the wrong image/video, you can lose everything in your computer. Therefore, use EXTREME caution whenever there is such link in an email, and refrain from opening any, ever, unless you are 100% sure it is fine to do so. One option is to contact the sender in a different way, not by responding to the email, and verifying the email is real.

H.Watch email which offer you deal which are considered “too good to be true". Never respond to any offer unless you have verified or determined that the sender is sincere, and that the offer is legitimate, and reasonable. Watch email which looks suspicious.

I.Email attachments, also known as fishing: Scams use unsolicited emails sent to others as short messages. Each email encourages the recipient to respond to the email and divulge sensitive information. Those emails also involve a reference to somebody you know, which may even be on your friends’ list (address book). Once you open the attachment, information from your computer will be stolen. Be careful not to open suspected emails and attachments even though the name looks familiar. In addition, scams plant viruses into computers, so by accepting unsolicited emails and opening the attachment, such viruses may be planted into your computer.

J.Overpayment to you by responders (“buyers”):

WATCH One method to rip you off is to send you a check with a larger amount for the one you requested. The scammer then will “apologize”, cites a reason, and will ask you to send the difference between the amount you requested and the amount on the check. NOTE: SUCH CHECK ARE NOT LEGAL, ARE FAKE, and you will never be able to cash them. If you deposit such a check, your bank will then reject it, and will charge your account. In fact, even a cashier check may be fraudulent, and/or may be cancelled after you have deposited it.

Check every check you get, contact the banks, and make sure it is legitimate, ONLY WHEN THE AMOUNT IS EXACTLY AS AGREED. If the amount is larger, DELETE THE EMAIL.

K.WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM: These are two of the financial institutions which we recommend you never accept checks from, nor use to send money through. If you need to send money, DO NOT WIRE MONEY TO ANYONE WHO REQUESTS ADVANCED PAYMENT, nor use these two financial institutions.

L.Never respond to any email which looks like for DALLC (, or Dollars-Ad LLC, or from any other address which requires you to send password, login or id, or any such personal account information. DALLC will never ask you to reveal such information in such manner. If you need to make any changes, log in to your account (see the respective FAQ section) to make changes.

M.If you realize any ad posted under your account which did not come from you, please contact or

N.Never provide your Password, login id or phone code to anyone unless during the registration process. No one is allowed to ask this information, so never provide them to anyone not in the registration process.

O.Always prefer to offer or buy goods or services from other in your geographical area, unless such can be arranged via long distance, and you are 100% positive your actions cause no harm.

P.CASHIER CHECKS: Again, note that not only many cashier check may be fraudulent and/or fake, but any cashier check is subject to return by the bank for many reasons, including the person who purchased the cashier check who may change his mind. The period of time than bank is allowed to cancel a cashier check varies, but it may be long enough to cause you financial LOSS.


It is recommended that you avoid long distance transaction for many reasons, especially when you are promised that goods will be shipped to you after you make the payment. You will take a big risk doing that, and you better consider any long distance transaction extremely carefully, as experience shows many people have been defrauded.

R.Never use debit card to register. If your credit card has been stolen, your bank account can be wiped out in seconds.

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